Dark & Stormy Productions Presents:

 The Hothouse
by Harold Pinter
Directed by Benjamin McGovern**
December 10, 2014 - January 4, 2015


The Hothouse is a hit!

"The play -- offered in a strong, challenging production by Dark & Stormy -- [is] an always dark, frequently very funny script, and Dark & Stormy's staging takes advantage of an unusual venue and an excellent cast to create piece of theater that is disturbing and discomfiting...The madness and the mania that lie just beneath the surface of "The Hothouse," make the story -- and the show -- one that lingers like a bad dream almost -- but not quite -- forgotten."
- Dominic Papatola, Pioneer Press

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The Hothouse is presented in the Artspace Grain Belt Bottling House atrium in an ambitious, innovative, and provocative staging that delivers a hilarious and haunting production. Dark & Stormy is thrilled to be partnering with Artspace, Audio Logic Systems, and Williams Sound to bring you The Hothouse!

(Clockwise from Upper Left: John Catron, Bill McCallum, Mark Benninghofen, Sara Marsh, Robert Dorfman. Photo: Heidi Bohnenkamp.)

The Hothouse is a brilliant dark comedy that uses lacerating wit, masterful wordplay, broad humor, and a touch of the absurd to provide an acute, searing, comic indictment of institutional bureaucracy. This clever and cutting satire exposes the underbelly of the hierarchical power structure at an ambiguous institution – which is at once functional and falling apart – on one fateful Christmas Day. 

(Clockwise from Upper Left: Bill McCallum, John Catron, Mark Benninghofen, Sara Marsh, Robert Dorfman. Photo: Heidi Bohnenkamp.)

Written in 1958 with a foresight and timelessness that evokes a mash-up of “Orange is the New Black,” One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, and today's headlines, The Hothouse deals in themes such as abuse, power, sexuality, and elitism that go to straight to the heart of the political and societal issues still plaguing in the world today.

(Clockwise from Upper Left: John Catron, Bill McCallum, Mark Benninghofen, Sara Marsh, Robert Dorfman. Photo: Heidi Bohnenkamp.)

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Dark & Stormy Productions honored by critics in 2014!


The Drunken City named a top show of 2014 by both Graydon Royce and Rohan Preston of the Star Tribune!

"Here's what small theater let me enjoy this half year...Dark & Stormy Productions allowed established actors like Kris L. Nelson and Tracey Maloney play like a chamber ensemble in the tiny The Drunken City."

Clockwise from L: Kris L. Nelson, Sara Marsh, Adelin Phelps, Tracey Maloney, Paul de Cordova in The Drunken City

"Yes, The Drunken City proves that Dark & Stormy Productions, under whose aegis Bill McCallum staged this winner, is a consistently spunky outfit. Maloney, Nelson, and Sara Marsh commanded the stage, as could be expected. But newcomer Adelin Phelps...almost stole this Adam Bock show."

Clockwise from L: Adelin Phelps, Sara Marsh, Tracey Maloney, & Kris L. Nelson

Dark & Stormy Productions honored by critics in 2013!



Speed-the-Plow named a Top Ten Production of 2013 by the Star Tribune:

"Director Ben McGovern teamed with actors Sara Marsh, Bill McCallum and Kris L. Nelson to make David Mamet's "Speed-the-Plow" a savagely arresting treat in a found space." 
- Rohan Preston 

The Receptionist named a Top Ten Production of 2013 by City Pages:


"Sally Wingert led a talented four-actor cast through Adam Bock's dark-as-midnight workplace comedy. The experience was intensified by the found location — a recently vacated downtown office space — that seemed to be haunted by the true nature of the Northeast Office's work."
- Ed Huyck


"New theater company Dark & Stormy Productions is really hitting their stride; they've become one of those theater companies I rely on to never let me down. Their fourth production in just under two years continues their tradition of short, intense, real, small-cast, smartly written plays in unusual locations."
 - Jill Schafer, Cherry and Spoon



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"[Speed-the-Plow], which starred Guthrie regulars Kris Nelson and Bill McCallum alongside company founder Sara Marsh, gave a gripping, spittle-laced experience. The drama...was more evidence that small theaters are a big part of what makes the performing arts scene special."
- Rohan Preston, Star Tribune


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"Dark & Stormy is a newish company that's come screaming out of the gate with a series of terrifically cast shows, professionally produced and expertly marketed...I've seen three out of four shows...[and] I hope Dark & Stormy continues their level of professionalism and rock-star casting."
- Dominic Orlando, Minnesota Playlist

*Member, Actors' Equity Association
**Member, Stage Directors & Choreographers Society