Dark & Stormy Productions Presents:

by William Mastrosimone
is a HIT!
Photo by Melissa Hesse. Makeup by Crist Ballas. Design by Kevin Cannon.

A Regional Premiere
Directed by Mel Day

Sara Marsh*, Nels Lennes, and Tony Sarnicki

Presented in Partnership with Artspace at the
Grain Belt Warehouse
77 13th Ave. NE, Studio 202
Minneapolis, MN 55413 

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Sara Marsh* & Nels Lennes in Sunshine. Photo by Melissa Hesse

"A gritty and darkly funny one-act play...with acting that delves into the psychological gnarliness of the situation. [Nels] Lennes, a co-founder of HUGE Theater, is a big, burly fellow who could clearly swing his weight around. But his character doesn't...he seems restrained, even gentle...It is Sunshine, played by [Sara Marsh] a petite performer who punches way above her weight, who gives a sense of menace...imagine Lady Macbeth as a working girl, struggling to find a way to get her soul some nourishing light."
- Rohan Preston, Star Tribune

Sara Marsh* & Tony Sarnicki in Sunshine. Photo by Melissa Hesse.
"This production [of Sunshine] is a gift for audiences willing to embark on a riveting emotional ride...This is the third year in a row that Dark & Stormy has offered audiences a well-made and deeply engrossing December show. It's a Christmas gift I'll gladly take -- and so should you."
- Ed Huyck, City Pages 

Nels Lennes & Sara Marsh* in Sunshine. Photo by Melissa Hesse.

"At its heart, this really is a sweet story about two (or three) people looking for love in all the wrong places...The meat of the story is a two-person play between Sunshine and Nelson as they challenge and comfort each other...you're almost uncomfortably close to this intense encounter that feels very real. Presented in an intimate and appropriate non-theater space, with a terrific three-person cast, this is another strong showing from Dark & Stormy."
- Jill Schafer, Cherry and Spoon

Tony Sarnicki & Sara Marsh* in Sunshine. Photo by Melissa Hesse.

"The dark comedy deals with issues that are both timeless and contemporary: Lonely, broken people look for connection in a dark and hostile world. The lines separating intimacy and indifference fuzz and blur...For audiences in the mood for something contrarian [this holiday season], Sunshine fits the bill." 
- Dominic P. Papatola, Pioneer Press 

Nels Lennes & Sara Marsh* in Sunshine. Photo by Melissa Hesse.

In our holiday counter-programming tradition, Dark & Stormy stages the regional premiere of Sunshine. A funny, chilling, moving dark comedy about love and forgiveness, Sunshine looks at society's sexual consumption of young women and men and the impact that has on actual intimacy, the hope and fear of finding real love, and the danger of living without it.

Sara Marsh* & Nels Lennes in Sunshine. Photo by Melissa Hesse.

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Dark & Stormy Productions honored by critics in 2015!

by William Mastrosimone
named a top ten production of 2015 by Rohan Preston of the Star Tribune!

From L: James Rodriguez (Raul), Emily Bridges (Patricia), Sara Marsh (Marjorie), & Tracey Maloney (Terry) in Extremities. Photo by Heidi Bohnenkamp.
"8. 'Extremities' (Dark & Stormy Productions): Sara Marsh is the founder of this nimble company and the star of most of its shows, and for good reason. She was riveting as a would-be rape victim who turns the tables on her attacker in Mel Day's tense and taut production."
- Rohan Preston, Star Tribune

named in Lavender Magazine's Best of 2015 in Theater!

"Best Stage Combat Direction:  
Annie Enneking, Extremities, Dark & Stormy Productions; Henry IV, Part I, 10,000 Things Theater; The Jungle Book, Children's Theatre Company"
- John Townsend, Lavender Magazine

Sara Marsh (Marjorie) & James Rodriguez (Raul) in Extremities. Photo by Heidi Bohnenkamp.

"Crème de la Crème Performances:  
Sara Marsh, Extremities, Dark & Stormy Productions"
- John Townsend, Lavender Magazine

James Rodriguez (Raul) & Sara Marsh (Marjorie) in Extremities. Photo by Heidi Bohnenkamp.

The Hothouse
by Harold Pinter
named Best Production of 2014-2015 by Sophie Kerman of Minnesota Playlist!

The cast of The Hothouse (Bruce Bohne not pictured). Photo by Heidi Bohnenkamp.

"This is a “Best of” article, so I realize I need to pick something that was actually the best: I’m giving this one to Dark & Stormy’s The Hothouse...Of all of the points that stood out about the shows I mentioned above, The Hothouse had it all for me this year."


Dark & Stormy Productions honored by critics in 2014!

The Hothouse. John Catron (Lamb), Mark Benninghofen (Gibbs), Sara Marsh (Miss Cutts), and Robert Dorfman (Roote). Not pictured: Bruce Bohne (Tubb; Lobb). Photo by Heidi Bohnenkamp; design by Kevin Cannon.

The Hothouse
by Harold Pinter
Directed by Benjamin McGovern
named a Top Production of 2014 by Ed Huyck of the City Pages!

John Catron, Mark Benninghofen, Sara Marsh, & Robert Dorfman. Photo by Heidi Bohnenkamp.

"Nothing says Christmas like Harold Pinter and torture, especially when it comes wrapped up with a great cast, direction, and concept that saw the show played out in an echoing atrium."
- Ed Huyck, City Pages

John Catron, Mark Benninghofen, Sara Marsh, Robert Dorfman. Photo by Heidi Bohnenkamp.

The Drunken City named a top show of 2014 by both Graydon Royce and Rohan Preston of the Star Tribune!

"Here's what small theater let me enjoy this half year...Dark & Stormy Productions allowed established actors like Kris L. Nelson and Tracey Maloney play like a chamber ensemble in the tiny The Drunken City."

Clockwise from L: Kris L. Nelson, Sara Marsh, Adelin Phelps, Tracey Maloney, Paul de Cordova in The Drunken City

"Yes, The Drunken City proves that Dark & Stormy Productions is a consistently spunky outfit. Maloney, Nelson, and Sara Marsh commanded the stage, as could be expected. But newcomer Adelin Phelps...almost stole this Adam Bock show."

Clockwise from L: Adelin Phelps, Sara Marsh, Tracey Maloney, & Kris L. Nelson

Dark & Stormy Productions honored by critics in 2013!



Speed-the-Plow named a Top Ten Production of 2013 by the Star Tribune:

"Director Ben McGovern teamed with actors Sara Marsh, Bill McCallum and Kris L. Nelson to make David Mamet's "Speed-the-Plow" a savagely arresting treat in a found space." 
- Rohan Preston 

The Receptionist named a Top Ten Production of 2013 by City Pages:


"Sally Wingert led a talented four-actor cast through Adam Bock's dark-as-midnight workplace comedy. The experience was intensified by the found location — a recently vacated downtown office space — that seemed to be haunted by the true nature of the Northeast Office's work."
- Ed Huyck


"New theater company Dark & Stormy Productions is really hitting their stride; they've become one of those theater companies I rely on to never let me down. Their fourth production in just under two years continues their tradition of short, intense, real, small-cast, smartly written plays in unusual locations."
 - Jill Schafer, Cherry and Spoon



Read Star Tribune theater critic Rohan Preston's feature on Dark & Stormy Productions!


"[Speed-the-Plow], which starred Guthrie regulars Kris Nelson and Bill McCallum alongside company founder Sara Marsh, gave a gripping, spittle-laced experience. The drama...was more evidence that small theaters are a big part of what makes the performing arts scene special."
- Rohan Preston, Star Tribune


  Read the full article on the Twin Cities' small theaters here!

"Dark & Stormy is a newish company that's come screaming out of the gate with a series of terrifically cast shows, professionally produced and expertly marketed...I've seen three out of four shows...[and] I hope Dark & Stormy continues their level of professionalism and rock-star casting."
- Dominic Orlando, Minnesota Playlist

*Member, Actors' Equity Association
Extremities is presented by special arrangement with SAMUEL FRENCH, INC.