Dark & Stormy Productions, Myron Frisch, and Patricia Johnson Present:

Photo: Megan Engeseth | MUA: Crist Ballas | Design: Kevin Cannon

By David Harrower
Directed by 
Michaela Johnson

Luverne Seifert*, Sara Marsh*, and Kate Regan

Presented in partnership with

Don't miss Luverne Seifert and Sara Marsh in this gripping, Tony Award-nominated drama: an 80-minute encounter in real time between a man and a younger woman as they face the truth about the intimate relationship they had fifteen years ago, with shattering consequences.

Luverne Seifert & Sara Marsh | MUA: Crist Ballas | Photo: Megan Engeseth

From L: Elena Gianetti, Austene Van, and Sara Marsh | Photo: Glen Stubbe for the Star Tribune

Dark & Stormy Productions and Artistic Director Sara Marsh among theater-makers profiled by Star Tribune theater critic Rohan Preston: "Minnesota's top theater women are creating stages of their own"

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by City Pages!

"How did tiny upstart Dark & Stormy take the prize? It happened through the dedication of a handful of talented and committed artists who want the very best on stage... Artistic director Sara Marsh has, over the course of a few years, crafted a must-attend company out of a simple desire to put on great shows with great acting."

Sally Wingert & Sara Marsh in 'Night, Mother by Marsha Norman. Photo: Rich Ryan.

Dark & Stormy Productions honored by critics in 2017!

Fool For Love 
 by Sam Shepard
named a Top Production of 2017 by Twin Cities Theater Bloggers Jill Schafer (Cherry and Spoon) and Matthew A. Everett, and honored by Lavender Magazine!

Sara Marsh & James Rodríguez in Fool For Love. Photo: Rich Ryan.

"A fitting tribute to him [recently departed playwright Sam Shepard], an intense and intimate exploration of love, family, and their devastating effects." 
- Jill Schafer, Cherry and Spoon

Antonio Duke & James Rodríguez in Fool For Love. Photo: Rich Ryan.

"9. Fool For Love - Dark & Stormy Productions - another modern classic granted new life with an intimate staging." 
- Matthew A. Everett

Patrick Coyle & James Rodríguez in Fool For Love. Photo: Rich Ryan.

"Outstanding Supporting Actor: Patrick Coyle, Fool For Love, Dark & Stormy Productions"
John Townsend, Lavender Magazine

Dark & Stormy Productions honored by critics in 2015!

 by William Mastrosimone
named a Top Ten Production of 2015 by Rohan Preston of the Star Tribune 
and Ed Huyck of City Pages!

From L: James Rodríguez, Emily Bridges, Sara Marsh, & Tracey Maloney in Extremities. Photo: Heidi Bohnenkamp.
"Sara Marsh is the founder of this nimble company and the star of most of its shows, and for good reason. She was riveting as a would-be rape victim who turns the tables on her attacker in Mel Day's tense and taut production."
- Rohan Preston, Star Tribune

"Dark & Stormy brought audiences into a living room where a young woman fought off her attacker -- and was then forced to decide whether he lived or died. Compelling acting and directing meant we also lived and died with every twist."
- Ed Huyck, City Pages

honored in Lavender Magazine's 
Best of 2015 in Theater!

"Best Stage Combat Direction: Annie Enneking, Extremities, Dark & Stormy Productions; Henry IV, Part I, 10,000 Things Theater; The Jungle Book, Children's Theatre Company"
- John Townsend, Lavender Magazine  
Sara Marsh & James Rodríguez in Extremities. Photo: Heidi Bohnenkamp.

"Crème de la crème performances: Sara Marsh, Extremities, Dark & Stormy Productions"
- John Townsend, Lavender Magazine 

The Hothouse
by Harold Pinter
named Best Production of 2014-2015 by Sophie Kerman of Minnesota Playlist!

Clockwise from L: John Catron, Bill McCallum, Mark Benninghofen, Sara Marsh, Robert Dorfman. Not pictured: Bruce Bohne. Photo by Heidi Bohnenkamp.

"This is a “Best of” article, so I realize I need to pick something that was actually the best: I’m giving this one to Dark & Stormy’s The Hothouse...Of all of the points that stood out about the shows I mentioned above, The Hothouse had it all for me this year."


Dark & Stormy Productions honored by critics in 2014!

Clockwise from L: Bill McCallum, John Catron, Mark Benninghofen, Sara Marsh , and Robert Dorfman. Not pictured: Bruce Bohne. Photo by Heidi Bohnenkamp; design by Kevin Cannon.

The Hothouse
by Harold Pinter
Directed by Benjamin McGovern
named a Top Production of 2014 by Ed Huyck of the City Pages!

Robert Dorfman in The Hothouse. Photo by Heidi Bohnenkamp.

"Nothing says Christmas like Harold Pinter and torture, especially when it comes wrapped up with a great cast, direction, and concept that saw the show played out in an echoing atrium."
- Ed Huyck, City Pages

Dark & Stormy Productions honored by critics in 2013!


Sara Marsh in Speed-the-Plow. Photo by John Eastman.


Kris L. Nelson in Speed-the-Plow. Photo: John Eastman.


Speed-the-Plow named a Top Ten Production of 2013 by the Star Tribune:

"Director Ben McGovern teamed with actors Sara Marsh, Bill McCallum and Kris L. Nelson to make David Mamet's 'Speed-the-Plow' a savagely arresting treat in a found space." 
- Rohan Preston 

The Receptionist named a Top Ten Production of 2013 by City Pages:

Sally Wingert in The Receptionist. Photo: Melissa Hesse.

"Sally Wingert led a talented four-actor cast through Adam Bock's dark-as-midnight workplace comedy. The experience was intensified by the found location — a recently vacated downtown office space — that seemed to be haunted by the true nature of the Northeast Office's work."
- Ed Huyck

Harry Waters Jr. in The Receptionist. Photo: Melissa Hesse.

"Dark & Stormy Productions is really hitting their stride; they've become one of those theater companies I rely on to never let me down."
 - Jill Schafer, Cherry and Spoon 


"[Speed-the-Plow]...gave a gripping, spittle-laced experience. The drama was more evidence that small theaters are a big part of what makes the performing arts scene special."
- Rohan Preston, Star Tribune

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